Thesis defense: Paul van der Walt

A language-independent methodology for compiling declarations into open platform frameworks

Thesis defense: Paul van der Walt

Date: 14th of December 2015, at 13:00
Location: Ada Lovelace (A303), INRIA Bordeaux–Sud Ouest, Talence, France


Presentation at ASSETS 2015

Lucile Dupuy gave a presentation at the ASSETS conference (The 17th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility), the 26 of October, at Lisbon.

You can find here the slides.


Institutional publication of Homeassist project

HomeAssist project was published on an institutional journal concerning accessibility for disabled people.

"Research and accessibility - volume 1"

You can find here the volume (in french).


Accepted paper at GPCE 2015

Orchestrating Masses of Sensors: A Design-Driven Development Approach

Milan Kabáč, Charles Consel


This paper proposes a design-driven development approach that is dedicated to the domain of orchestration of masses of sensors.
The developer declares what an application does using a domain-specific language (DSL).

Our compiler processes domain-specific declarations to generate a customized programming framework that guides and supports
the programming phase.


Accepted paper at PLATEAU 2015

Accepted paper at PLATEAU 2015 - Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools

An Evaluation of the DiaSuite Toolset by Professional Developers - Learning Cost and Usability

Milan Kabáč, Nic Volanschi, and Charles Consel

This paper evaluates a design-driven, tool-based approach, named DiaSuite, dedicated to developing applications involving sensors and actuators. Specifically, we evaluate the usability and the learning cost of DiaSuite as a first step to assess the potential for transferring this technology to the industrial practice of this domain.

We assess the cost of learning to use DiaSuite by involving four professional programmers in a usability study involving a software engineering task. This experiment brings preliminary evidence that the DiaSuite technology can be used effectively by professional developers after only half a day of training.

We then present qualitative data about the usage and usability of DiaSuite, collected from developers, and using questionnaires and interviews. Finally, we discuss lessons learned from this work.


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