Accepted paper in OOPSLA 2010

A Domain-Specific Approach to Architecturing Error Handling in Pervasive Computing

Julien Mercadal, Quentin Enard, Charles Consel, Nicolas Loriant


The challenging nature of error handling constantly escalates as a growing number of environments consists of networked devices and software components. In these environments, errors cover a uniquely large spectrum of situations related to each layer ranging from hardware to distributed platforms, to software components.  Handling errors becomes a daunting task for programmers, whose outcome is unpredictable. Scaling up error handling requires to raise the level of abstraction beyond the code level and the try-catch construct, approaching error handling at the software architecture level.



Presented paper in ICC 2010

The paper SIP as a Universal Communication Bus: A Methodology and an Experimental Study - B. Bertran, C. Consel, H. Guan, P. Kadionik, has been presented in MCS (Multimedia Services, Communication Software and Services Symposium) during the ICC'10, May 23-27, Cape Town (South Africa).


Pantagruel demonstration at Percom 2010

Pantagruel has been presented at PerCom 2010 in Mannheim. The goal of this demonstration was  to illustrate the development process of a pervasive computing environment and its applications using Pantagruel. During this demonstration, we have designed, implemented and simulated a collection of assistive applications for an intellectually impaired person living autonomously in his apartment. The demonstration mixed real devices, such as a time tracker installed on an  iPod and a touchatag with simulated devices like a weather application and motion detectors.

an excerpt of scenario for assisted living


Presenting DiaSuite to HPI in Potsdam, Germany

Damien Cassou gave a talk in the Hasso-Plattner Institute (Potsdam, Germany) for the research group headed by Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld. The presentation was about how to ensure conformance between a software architecture and an implementation in the domain of Sense/Compute/Control Applications. The slides are hosted on slideshare.



DiaSuite demo presented at PerCom'10

DiaSuite has been presented at PerCom 2010 in Mannheim. The goal of this demonstration was  to illustrate each step of the development cycle of a pervasive computing application using the DiaSuite tool suite. During this demonstration, we have  designed, implemented, simulated and partially deployed a security system in a home environment.  The demonstration was mixing real devices such as iPods, webcams and some touchatags with simulated devices like door lockers and motion detectors. Numerous attendees were interested in downloading and trying the tool suite for their own research and development.

Demo Percom'10


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