ANDDI -- Independent living with ID

Five percent of the population have Intellectual Disabilities (ID). Individuals with ID have significant socioadaptive limitations in a variety of daily activities, at home (task planification and execution, medication, home safety, etc.) as well as outside (route planning, itinerary in public transportation, etc.). Individuals with ID, their families, health institutions, caregiving services, and dedicated organizations strive to find ways in which these individuals can live as independently as possible, while promoting their social inclusion in every respect of their life (housing, professional training, employment, leisure, culture, etc.).


The research project ANDDI leverages the abilities of individuals with ID and the recent technological advances to develop a variety of assistive services addressing their daily needs. These services draw on our expertise in cognitive science and computer science, dedicated to assisting users with technologies. In particular, we use our platform, named HomeAssist, dedicated to the independently living of older adults. This platform relies on DiaSuite, our suite of tools for developing applications that orchestrate networked objects, and DiaSuiteBox, our platform that runs an open-ended set of applications, sensors, actuators and web services.


ANDDI addresses users with Down syndrome aiming to live independently; it pursues the following goals:

  1. Determining the key obstacles to perform daily activities autonomously and collecting the needs in assistive support expressed by individuals with ID and their family and caregivers;
  2. Developing and adapting assistive services available in HomeAssist across an iterative assessment (period of 6 months) of experiences of each individual;
  3. Evaluating the efficacy of our developed assistive services across the stages experienced by individuals progressively becoming independent in their daily life (pre-post comparison after 12 months of HomeAssist intervention).



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