New journal paper on HomeAssist benefits

The following paper has been recently accepted in a journal:


Self Determination-Based Design To Achieve Acceptance of Assisted Living Technologies For Older Adults

Dupuy, L., Consel, C., Sauzéon, H., Computers in Human Behavior


Abstract: Providing technological support to assist older adults in their daily activities is a promising approach to aging in place. However, acceptance is critical when technologies are embedded in the user's life. Recently, Lee et al. established a connection between acceptance and motivation. They approached motivation via the Self-Determination Theory (SDT): the capacity to make choices and to take decisions.

This paper leverages SDT to promote a new design style for gerontechnologies that consists of principles and requirements. We applied our approach to develop an assisted living platform, which was used to conduct a six-month field study with 34 older adults. We show that self-determination is a determining factor of technology acceptance. Furthermore, our platform improved the self-determination of equipped participants, compared to the control group, suggesting that our approach is effective. As such, SDT opens up new opportunities for improving the design process of gerontechnologies.