Thesis Defense: Charles Fage

Thesis Defense: Charles Fage

on 30th of Mai 2016 at 9 AM in room Ada Lovelace

Title: Design and Experimental Validation of a Technological Support for School Inclusion of Children with Autismem Spectrum Disorders in Mainstream Classrooms

Supervisors: Charles Consel and Hélène Sauzéon

President : PU-PH Manuel Bouvard --- CNRS UMR 5287 - INCIA, CH Charles Perrens

External examiners : Pr. Luc Vandromme --- Université de Picardie Jules Verne
Assistant-Professor Matthew Goodwin --- Northeastern University

Examiners : Pr. Christelle Maillart --- Université de Liège
Pr. Lyda Lannegrand --- Université de Bordeaux
MCU Ouriel Grynzspan --- Université Pierre et Marie Curie


School inclusion of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in mainstream classrooms remains dramatically limited in France, even though it has been recognized as critical for socio- professional perspectives. In fact, the atypical cognitive functioning, associated with socio-adaptive behavior difficulties (communication, social skills, autonomy, etc.), are usually confronted to nor- malized expectations in these mainstream environments, such as schools. New technologies can be seen as promising levers to overcome the barriers of school inclusion. However, despite a plethoric offer of technologies for children with ASD, scientific studies are lacking to establish their efficacy, as well as the relevance of their design. This work presents the design and validation of mobile applications to support school inclusion of children with ASD in mainstream classrooms through three studies, that allowed improvements in socio-adaptive behaviors and socio-cognitive functioning, crucial forthe success of mainstream school inclusion.

The defense will be held in English, and is open to the public. An informal reception will be held on the 3rd floor of the INRIA building where everyone is welcome to come and have a drink.