Accepted paper in GPCE'09

The paper "A Generative Programming Approach to Developing Pervasive Computing Systems" --
D. Cassou et al. has been accepted in GPCE 2009, Oct. 4,5, Denver, Colorado.

Developing pervasive computing applications is a difficult task because it requires to deal with a wide range of issues: heterogeneous devices, entity distribution, entity coordination, low-level hardware knowledge... Besides requiring various areas of expertise, programming such applications involves writing a lot of administrative code to glue technologies together and to interface with both hardware and software components.

This paper proposes a generative programming approach to providing programming, execution and simulation support dedicated to the pervasive computing domain. This approach relies on a domain-specific language, named DiaSpec, dedicated to the description of pervasive computing systems. Our generative approach factors out features of distributed systems technologies, making DiaSpec-specified software systems portable.
The DiaSpec compiler is implemented and has been used to generate dedicated programming frameworks for a variety of per- vasive computing applications, including detailed ones to manage the building of an engineering school.

General Terms Design, Languages

Keywords pervasive computing, generative programming, DSL


Conference papers

A Generative Programming Approach to Developing Pervasive Computing Systems
Damien Cassou, Benjamin Bertran, Nicolas Loriant, Charles Consel
GPCE '09: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on Generative programming and component engineering, Oct 2009, Denver, CO, United States. pp.137-146
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