Accepted paper at PECCS 2013

Accepted paper at PECCS 2013, the 3rd International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems

Design-driven Development of Dependable Applications: A Case Study in Avionics

Quentin Enard, Stéphanie Gatti, Julien Bruneau, Young-Joo Moon, Emilie Balland and Charles Consel


Making an application dependable demands that its functional and non-functional requirements be stringently fulfilled throughout its development process. In this context, a design-driven development approach has the key advantage of enabling requirements to be traced from their high-level design forms to the resulting executable artifact. However, because such approaches are mostly general purpose, they provide little design guidance, if any. This situation makes unpredictable the coherence and the conformance of an application with respect to its requirements.

To address this situation, we propose an approach that leverages a design-driven development process dedicated to a specific paradigm. This approach guides the verification of the coherence and conformance of an application throughout its development. We demonstrate the benefits of our approach by applying it to a realistic case study in the avionics domain.