Talk by Catherine Plaisant at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

Catherine Plaisant from University of Maryland will give a talk on tuesday, September 3rd - 11:00 - George Boole 2 meeting room

Title : Interactive Visualizations of Temporal Event Sequences

Abstract : Sequences of events are part of people's life, their travel, hospital visits, even web browsing experiences. Specifying temporal queries to explore collections of event sequences can be challenging even for skilled computer professionals. We will review a series of visualization techniques developed at the Human-Computer Interaction lab to handle temporal data, with a particular focus on the benefits - and challenges - of interaction during the analysis process. Our novel strategies allow for aligning records on important events, ranking, and filtering combined with grouping of results to find common or rare events. Other approaches explore graphical queries, or methods to aggregate tens of thousands of event sequences in a single display. Example will focus on electronic health record data. Finally we will discuss the methods we use to evaluate the usefulness of our interactive visualizations through case studies developed in collaboration with clinical researchers.